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We agree with you the vision of the future apartment. We select a style on analogs and outline in photographic quality. We use only real materials that can be bought and made to order.

Design projects of shops, public premises, restaurants, beauty salons and offices

We develop an ergonomic planning solution based on measurements, completed TK and analysis of your needs.

Architectural design

To ensure that the project is implemented as planned, and the builders can be controlled, we prepare the most complete drawings, which are triple checked by the art director.

Landscape design

In order for the project to be implemented as planned, and for builders to be controlled, we prepare the most complete drawings.

Design projects of apartments
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day 2.jpg



  • Measurement plan

  • Terms of Reference Planning Solution

  • 3D render

  • Package of working drawings

  • Furniture and equipment layout plan

  • Plumbing fixtures plan

  • Lighting Plan

  • Outlet and switch plan

  • Floor and ceiling plan

  • Wall reamers

  • Statement of decorative

  • elements

  • Bill of Finishing Materials

  • Estimated repair and furniture

  • Stage 1

  • Measurements, Planning solution

  • Sketch design 3D rendering

  • Stage 2

  • Working Drawings Stage 3

  • Specification of finishing materials indicating the number and name of manufacturers

  • Stage 4

  • Monitoring the implementation of the project (design supervision), including:

  • 1) consultation of builders on all
    drawings and sketches provided;

  • 2) matching the selected coloristic
    decisions its execution;

  • 3) conformity of finishing materials
    selected samples;

  • 4) control over the implementation of the textile order;

  • 5) placement of decorative elements in
    the interior (paintings, vases, mirrors, etc.).

  • Architectural supervision lasts for 12 (twelve) months from the date of delivery

  • Design project.

  • Result: coordination of acts of work with a contractor engaged in construction and finishing works.



  • Design of a drainage system and irrigation system

  • Creating flower beds, alpine slides and other compositions; Planting shrubs and trees

  • Work with a lawn, ponds; creating a lighting system.

  • We pay attention not only to the beauty of the object, but
    and its functionality
    We offer a range of works: from design design to plant care.

  • We are always ready to correct your shortcomings and fulfill your wishes, because

  • each client is important to us, We do not just fulfill your wishes, but also
    help you choose the perfect

  • option that suits you.

We decided to please you excellent
news, an exclusive course from

ACG Group! Our design studio has long dreamed of sharing its
experience and prepare qualified designers. That is why you will be trained by our best architects of designers. Together with our partners, we will conduct many interesting and useful workshops. All training will take place with these projects.

from the beginning of the creation of the project to its completion.
You will not only learn 3D Max programs

Autocad, but also communicate with the customer,
design planning and architectural solutions, create a creative design, make a selection of materials and much more,

we share our experience in working stably in the market
for over 10 years.


Снимок экрана 2020-11-17 в 13.08.11.png


  • Обмерный план

  • Техническое задание Планировочное решение

  • 3D визуализация

  • Пакет рабочих чертежей

  • План расстановки мебели и оборудования

  • План размещения сантехнических приборов

  • План размещения осветительных приборов

  • План розеток и выключателей

  • План полов и потолков

  • Развертки по стенам

  • Ведомость декоративных

  • элементов

  • Ведомость отделочных материалов

  • Сметный расчет по ремонту и мебели

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